Prof. Tatyana Benisheva-Dimitrova, DSc., President of BADI

is a professor in the Faculty of Public Health at  the Medical University, Sofia,
and has more than 75 publications on pharmaceutical regulations and more than 20
years experience in drug regulatory affairs. After granting a ЕС-CADREAC scholarship
she completed master’s degree in Drug Regulatory Affairs
(2004/2005) from the University of Bonn and later in 2010 a Masterdegree  in “Public Health” at the Medical University.Director of the “Drug Policy” Directorate in the Ministry of Health (2000-2005) and had an additional experience, over 10 years, at the “Bulgarian Drug Agency (BDA) Like the first president of the National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products.

2013 -2014 she created the first important steps on transparency of the procedures andstarted an EU-project-OPAC (0.7Mln BGN) for establishing of official database of the MPs.She was a consultant at the global regulatory database IDRAC of the Thompson Reuters and was establishing the Bulgarian regulatory Module form 2006-2012 and executive Director of consulting in Bulgaria Betaconsult Pharma Ltd.till 2013.Prof. Benisheva was the first  President of the Bulgarian Association of Drug Information over the period 2010-2013 and  member of the Bulgarian Association of Clinical Research (BACR) and of DGRA  DeutscheGesellschaft for Regulatory Affairs - DGRA and of the Advisory Council Europe of the Drug Information Association (DIA) 2010-2014.

Since 14th. of May 2015 she is  President of BADI

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Prof. Guenka Petrova - Vicepresident of BADI

is a graduated pharmacist, as well an economist. Her PhD degree is on “Drug needs and usage analysis and forecasting” and her DSc degree is on “Reform of the pharmaceutical sector in Balkan region”. Prof. Petrova is specializing health care economics at the Canterbury Business School and pharmacoeconomics. She is a lecturer at the course of “Social Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical legislation” and creator and main lecturer on “Pharmacoeconomics” at the Medical University in Sofia.Prof. Petrova is author or coauthor in more than 150 scientific articles and books. She is having 15 graduated PhD students and 250 specialists.Prof. Petrova is an invited lecturer at the University in Nantes, France, and Belgrade, Serbia, as well as in other universities in the region. She has been also working on several WHO projects as consultant on medicines policy, as well as scientific projects funded EAR, EU, ERASMUS, and National Science Fund.

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Assoc. Prof. Dobriana Sidjimova, PhD, Vicepresident of BADI

Dobriana Sidjimova graduated Sofia University in 1998 with subject Russian Philology with a Master`s degree. In 2001 she defended Master`s degree in Public Relations at the Sofia University.
In 2003 she obtained Master`s degree in Health management at the Medical University of Sofia in the Faculty of Public Health. In 2005 she defended a PhD thesis.
Her professional experience started as a State Expert in the PR Department of the National Health Insurance Fund. In 2006 she became an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Public.
Health in the Medical University of Sofia. Since 2008 she is an Associate Professor In The Faculty Of Public Health, Medical University, Sofia. In 2014 obtain "Health Economics" speciality.Till 14th of May 2015 she was Chairman of Board of Directors of BADI

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Prof. Valentina Petkova, PhD, MPharm., MPH

is a Vice Dean and  Professor at the Department of Social Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University  - Sofia. In 2000 she successfully defended her PhD thesis on the topic ”Study of the chronic patient’s level of compliance”
She has more than 120 publication in Bulgarian and foreign scientific journals, 10 books and manuals and more than 50 participations in scientific meetings.
She has specialized in Germany (1998), Italy (1999, 2000) and the Netherlands (2006) in the sphere of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Pharmacoepidemiology,
Management and decision making in healthcare,  and Pharmaceutical care. She has specialties in Marketing and management at the Technical University – Sofia, Organization and economics of pharmaceutical practice, Organization and economics of pharmaceutical manufacturing and Clinical pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University – Sofia. In 2012 she sucessfully defended a diploma thesis and achieved MSc in Public health and health management

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Assoc. Prof. Petya Trendafilova, PhD, MPH, MBA

Petya Trendafilova graduated at Medical University – Sofia, Faculty of Public Health, Bulgaria in 2006 as a Master of Public Health and Healthcare Management.
In 2009 defended her PhD thesis and in 2010 graduated as a Master of Business Administration with specialization in Healthcare Management at the University of National and World Economy.
In 2012 completed a Specialization in Medical Pedagogy at the Faculty of Public Health. Since 2013 she is Associate Professor at the department of Medical Pedagogy, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University – Sofia.She has more than 80 publications including scientific articles, a monograph, co-author in some handbooks and number of presentations at different national and international scientific events.
She has special interests in the field of pharmacovigilance. Since 2007 she is a member of the editorial commitee at Journal of Health Policy and Management;
A Board member of the Bulgarian Association of Drug Information (BADI) and a member of the National Association of Health Policy and Management (NAHPM) since 2008.

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