Objectives of the Association

The Association’s major objectives include:
1.Perfection of qualification, enhancement of professional competence and protection of the professional interest of its members.
2.Promotion of scientific research, education, and regulatory activity in the domain of medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements, cosmetics and other products of value for public health.
3.Founding a platform for a constructive dialogue between regulatory establishments, universities, industry, professional and non-governmental organisations with analogous or similar activity relating to the kinds of products referred to in point 2 above,.
4.Enhancement of professional qualification and re-qualification of specialists within the legal frames of both Bulgaria and the European Union.
5.Attracting national and international experts within the scope of point 2 above in order to achieve the objectives referred to in Article 5 points 1, 3, and 4 of the Statutes.

Устав на Българска асоциация за лекарствена информация (БАЛИ)

Statutes of Bulgarian Association for Drug Information (BADI)